Enso Media Remote Control

Enso Media Remote Control Beta 0.1.1

A remote-control for your music


  • Find as you type
  • Large command list
  • Ergonomic
  • Create commands


  • Still unstable


Humanized have built up a really nice little application with Enso Media Remote Control. We were well impressed by the simplicity of the program, and how easy it is to type and execute commands.

You can choose between two launcher modes, Quasimodal and Sticky, the first one probably being the more suitable as it keeps Enso always hidden away.

We liked how Enso provides a wide list of commands, which appear as you type. Even if you don't remember the exact action, start typing a word and you should find it.

Enso also has much more up its sleeve than just controlling your media player as you can use it to launch Google Search, set case size or save mini messages.

If you feel creative you can also make and save your own commands.

Despite being a bit unstable at times, Enso Media Remote Control provides a very ergonomic way of controlling your media player all via command keys.

The application is very easy to get to grips with and definitely simplifies your workflow. Just make sure your connected to the Internet when you use it as the help guide and your command list are only accessible online.

You know the feeling: You’re writing away on an email, listening to some music, and a song you really don’t want to hear starts playing. You want to change it, but you’re in the middle of a great sentence and don’t want to lose your focus by fidgeting with windows just to bring your music player to the foreground.

Don’t you wish you could just say "next" to make your music player jump to the next song, no matter what you’re doing? That’s what Enso Media Remote Control is all about.

Enso Media Remote Control


Enso Media Remote Control Beta 0.1.1

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